Thursday 7 April 2016 from 9am to 4.15pm
Registration and welcome coffee/tea
Isabelle Schirmer, VMIF founder
Welcome and scene setting from the Commune de Bagnes
Eloi Rossier President of the Commune de Bagnes
SESSION 1 - Outlook :
New Trends and Innovations in Shared Mobility

Nicolas Louvet, CEO, 6 t, consulting and research firmin mobility

New services and new business models available to local governments, companies and private individuals
Who will prevail in the future: global specialists in car-sharing, ride-sharing and on demand ​transport or regional platforms aggregating different types of shared mobility offers?

SESSION 2 - Projects and Innovative Solutions:
carsharing, ridesharing and hybrid or multi-service platforms

Lessons learned from ridesharing in ‘Arc Jurassien’ since 2011
Giorgio Giovannini, General Manager, Mobilidée Sàrl

Taxito, connecting public and private transport in rural areaa
Martin Beutler, Founder and Manager

YoCar! Free floating electric car sharing project
Walter Cruz, Founder

Catch a Car ! Premiers résultats de l’expérience Mobility à Bâle,
Luis-Miguel Gomez, Mobility CarSharing AG

MOPeasy, a combined carsharing/ride sharing solution for local governments and enterprises
Bruno Flinois, President

Coffee/tea break
SESSION 3 - Panel Discussion on the evolution
of shared mobility in Switzerland

Growth drivers? Market segments growing the fastest?


Is demand driven by local governments, companies or private individuals?


What is the share of e mobility in shared mobility?


What are the service and technology innovations?/

Who are the new entrants?

Discussion facilitated by
César Conforti, Professor at HEIA-Fr and director of the ‘team+’ consulting firm

Panellists, in addition to previous speakers:
Professor Pini, Director of the Observatory for Mobility of the University of Geneva (OUM)

Christian Hänggi, President of the Swiss Association of Transport Engineers and Experts
(SVI) and Director Transitec Sa

SESSION 4 - Panel Discussion on the evolution of shared mobility in Switzerland

Quels sont les moteurs de croissance ?

Quels segments de marché croissent le plus rapidement ?

Entre collectivités locales, entreprises et particuliers, qui tire la demande ?

Quelle est la place de la mobilité électrique dans les offres de mobilité partagée ?

Quelles sont les innovations d’offre (service, technologie etc.) ?

Qui sont les nouveaux entrants ?

Débat modéré par
César Conforti, Prof. à l’HEIA-Fr et directeur du bureau team+

Avec, en sus des intervenants précédents :

Professeur Pini, Directeur de l’Observatoire de la Mobilité à Genève

Christian Hänggi, Président de l’Ass. suisse des ingénieurs et expert en transports (SVI)
et Directeur Transitec

Lunch at the W hotel
SESSION 5 - Mobility Policy in the Valais Canton​

Vincent Pellissier, Chief Engineer for the Canton and Head of the Department for roads,
transport and waterways (SRTCE)

SESSION 6 - Solutions Transport Public, le transport public peut-il
devenir transport à la demande ?

Cristal Solution : electric and bimodal transport system
Jean François Argence, Director for New Mobilities, Lohr Industry Group

On demand public transport, the 'agile bus' project for Chablais Agglo,
Philippe Gentizon, Director RR&A, Roland Ribi & Associés SA, consulting firm, mobility and urban planning

SESSION 7 - The bike, an alternative or a complement to ‘4 wheelbased solutions’?

From VeloPass to PubliBike, what are the success factors for shared mobility solutions based on bikes?
Vincent Pellissier, VeloPass co-founder

SESSION 8 - Telecommunications and technology as enablers of mobility

‘How can Big Data support Mobility?' Case studies in Montreux and Pully
Raphael Rollier, Swisscom SA., head of the Smart City programme

‘Ecovillages’ Forum and its Hackathon 2016: Access, mobility and services for mountain communities
Didier Faure, Eco Villages Les Diablerets

Questions and Answers
. Concluding Remarks
Departure for Martigny for participants who would like to join the
Swiss Mobility Days at the CERM in Martigny

Test electric and hybrid vehicles in the test drive area of the Swiss Mobility Days;

Participate in a tour of the Energypolis EPFL - Valais Wallis demonstration station together with the participants to the Scientific Symposium organised on 7 April by the Swiss Mobility Days. The demonstration station includes a 'redox flow' type vanadium battery which stores excess electricity and generates hydrogen. It is planned to combine the battery with a fast charging station for electric vehicles and a hydrogen recharge station for vehicles powered with hydrogen fuel cells. et/ou